We Made a Clean Start.

Our recent brand refresh brought a modern, fresh change to our label design, photography, website and even our logo. Caldrea’s Ariel Carter, lead designer behind our beautiful new look, explains how she brought this to life. [hr]

We are so excited to share our brand refresh and thought you might like to know how we got to our new updated look. As a brand that is 12 years young we started with some givens. We wanted:

  1. visual packaging that compliments the quality and trend of our formulas and fragrances.
  2. something modern and fresh.
  3. to keep the legacy we had built.

The question became: how do we capitalize on what we love about our brand while evolving to an even better one?

The first step in the redesign was reconsidering the label. We removed elements that were no longer necessary—logo flourishes and an illustrated seal—and combined them in a lockup that has always defined the heart of the brand: aromatherapeutic homekeeping. Eliminating extraneous information on the label allowed room for us to to tell you about the fragrance and about our company. Furthermore, to be truly transparent to our consumers, a complete ingredient list was added to each and every product.

By modernizing the typography with a a sans serif font that has many weights, we were able to achieve a classic but varied typographic hierarchy out of a single face. We gave a different focus to the fragrance numbers to reveal our history and show, without broadcasting, that our very first fragrance, Lavender Pine, is still in our assortment.


Then we gave each fragrance its own pattern by deconstructing our existing, more elaborate ones, pulling apart the elements to create simpler motifs. By scaling up these patterns they became more graphic and modern. Each fragrance has always had its own color, so we kept that approach and intensified the effect by layered the tone on tone pattern. A little contrasting color accent on the faceplate border gave a touch of sophistication. The full effect allows the packaging to serve an additional role as a object of home décor. 

The result of the redesign is bold, vibrant look that looks beautiful both in stores and in your home. We hope you love it as much as we do.