Anatomy of a Fragrance

As head of R&D and Innovation, Pam Helms, has led product development at The Caldrea Company since its inception.  Even as a child, Pam had a passion for fragrance which spurred her entry into chemistry, science and molecules.  This passion was fostered and developed working at one of the world’s most renowned and respected fragrance houses, Firmenich. [hr]

Gorgeous fragrance for a life lived beautifully has been foundational to The Caldrea Company.  Scent as an expression of signature style has been well understood and practiced in personal adornment and wellness.  It is also undeniably a powerful element to create ambience in the home and was the jumping off point to launching our pioneering aromatherapeutic brand.

A fragrance is a living, breathing entity that we experience regularly.   It has the unique ability to grow, change and adapt to a person or space and affect the mood and feeling of that person or space, without ever being visible.

Fragrance can be framed by its anatomy of top, middle and base notes.  It cannot however, be defined by those descriptors, which are purposely related to parts of a musical composition.  Like in music notes play out and are heard by the audience in unique, moving and magical ways.

Caldrea Palmarosa Wild Mint fragrance anatomy

Mint herb used in Caldrea's Palmarosa Wild Mint fragranceTop Notes:  characteristics of the fragrance that are realized first; the part that draws you in, invites you to smell longer and go further.  They tend to be light, airy, bright and sparkling.  Most often these come from citrus fruits and an elusive category called aldehydes.  The impression departs rather quickly to make way for the supporting notes in the rest of the composition.  On a molecular level, these are small, lightweight entities that volatilize quickly.

Rose used in Caldrea's Palmarosa Wild Mint fragranceMiddle Notes:  characteristics of the fragrance that give heart and being to the composition. They tend to be primarily composed of luscious florals, some fruits, exotic spices and herbs and truly provide core body strength that connects the playful, unpredictable, flirty top notes with the solid base notes.  Without the middle notes the top notes and base notes would not live in synergistic harmony.  Mid weight, moderate volatilization rate entities.

Moss used in Caldrea's Palmarosa Wild Mint fragranceBase Notes:  the solid and lasting foundation upon which the fragrance is built and lingers.  These tend to be woody notes, deep spices and resins, vanillas and ambers that add complexity, integrity and soul to the composition.  Without these notes the fragrance would lack lasting substantivity and character.  Large, substantive and slow to move molecules.

The most gratifying part of our work is providing our consumers with perfectly balanced and pleasing note combinations of fragrance characteristics to inspire them in their lives and homes.  We hope our fragrance characteristics inspire them to live beautifully.