Homekeeping for Happier Holidays

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The merriest, busiest season of the year is just a few short weeks away. Ensure that your home is warm and welcoming with a few homekeeping tips:

Start with a Deep Cleaning

Tackle all the chores you've been putting off. Polish your silver and stainless steel, sweep dust from the nooks and crannies that are skipable during usual cleanings, and carpet clean the grime from floors. Once your home is sparkling for the holidays, it's much easier to maintain through the busy days ahead.

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Add Thoughtful Touches

Pamper guests by stocking bathrooms with holiday hand soaps and lotions. Mist bed sheets and throws with linen spray. Finish with a spritz of room fragrance or burn a candle to create a holiday haven.

Use Fragrance to Create a Festive Ambiance

Choose a favorite holiday fragrance and use it throughout your home to create signiture holiday memories. Light candles in every room, use dish soap in the kitchen and clean surfaces with countertop spray to wrap the house in fragrance.

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Plan Ahead on Gifts for Holiday Gatherings

Purchase hostess gifts ahead of time and have them available for impromptu gatherings. Bring dish soap to a dinner party with an offer to help with the dishes. Gift a candle at a holiday party for a welcoming glow. Hand balm or lotion is a thoughtful token of appreciation to anyone who lends a hand.

When everything is tidy and gifts are ready for giving, it's so much easier to take the holidays in stride. Happy homekeeping!