The Inspiration Behind Vanilla Quince Santal

Vanilla Quince Santal Glam

The season has officially begun; shorter days, longer nights, more time indoors to enjoy the home and begin holiday planning. It is the time of year when we generally light more candles for cozy ambiance and festive entertaining. We have been thrilled about the positive response to our newest Holiday Limited Edition fragrance -- Vanilla Quince Santal. It was inspired by a thought to reinterpret much-loved and nostalgic vanilla in combination with a meaningful seasonal fruit in a truly unique way.

This warm gourmand offering opens with a spicy triplet of exotic green cardamom, ginger and Ceylon cinnamon. A natural floral and fruity heart of the fragrance includes heady jasmine, sophisticated ylang and our featured quince with a light touch of peach. The foundation of the fragrance lends an unexpected note of modernity to creamy vanilla through white woods, especially powdery sandalwood.

The quince fruit is a historical symbol of love and happiness – very befitting of a holiday offering. In the mythological tale of Hercules, Paris gave Aphrodite a quince. Ancient Greeks would suggest that their brides nibble a quince so as to perfume their kiss before entering the bridal chamber.

Vanilla Quince Santal is a perfect complement to our other Holiday Limited Edition scents which have their own fruit presence – Balsam Fir Plum and Crimson Pear Ginger. In this season of gratitude and giving, Vanilla Quince Santal is a great gift for others and for your home.