Give Our Candles a Second Life

Re-use Caldrea Candle GlassesContinue the good cheer of holiday candles and add sparkle to unexpected places by reusing your gold glass candle jars. Burn the candle down completely and pour the hot wax safely into the trash. Remove the wick while the candle is still warm, but not hot. If wax remains, place the vessel in the freezer for about an hour to solidify and shrink the remaining wax. This will cause it to loosen up and pull away from the glass edges. Remove from freezer and run a kitchen knife around the wax or cut the wax into bits and discard in trash.

Thoroughly but gently hand wash glasses to remove remaining soot, wax, residue and glue, and set them out to dry. Do not wash in dishwasher.

Our gold glass candle vessels are food safe and ideal for bubbly holiday drinks or for ringing in the New Year. These handy glasses are also great for holding make-up brushes in your bathroom or to hold straws or candy at your next celebration.