Winter Wrappings

Spruced up gift wrap inspired by Balsam Fir Plum

Make the season bright with elegant holiday gift wrap. Ideal for gifting or making your home merry. Spruce up gifts with woodsy papers and interesting adornments. Inspired by our Balsam Fir Plum holiday fragrance, wrap your gifts in the great outdoors with pine boughs, leaves, silk flowers, cranberry sprigs, greenery or pine cones atop pretty, bright bows.

Gold and crepe paper gift wrap inspired by Vanilla Quince Santal

Enhance a simple paper with the addition of gold ribbons in festive holiday colors. Use curling ribbon in creative ways, such as wrapping the gift around numerous times and tying it below with no bow for a sophisticated shine.

Use crepe paper streamers like a wide ribbon around your box or bunched up on top for a modern take on a bow. Simply fold ribbon back and forth in a 1/2 inch strip and poke a hole through the middle to create this crepe "bow". Give a gift that warms both your heart and theirs. Happy Holidays!