Extend the Life of Activewear

Caldrea Palmarosa Wild Mint Sport Wash

The lifespan of activewear varies dramatically based on the quality of clothing construction, material, care, and frequency of use. To keep activewear at its best and extend its life, always follow garment care instructions. Generally, always wash athletic apparel in cold water and hang dry to prolong life and retain garment shape. These practices are not only good for your clothes but also the environment. If time is short activewear can be tumble dried on low, but heat can harm the elasticity, so avoid hot dryers or ironing.

Avoid washing with clothes that will transfer lint and never use bleach with technical fabrics. Skip fabric softeners because they can harm the material’s ability to wick away moisture and regulate your body temperature.

You can clean your activewear with gentle Caldrea Sport Wash in invigorating Palmarosa Wild Mint fragrance. Sport Wash is specially formulated to keep activewear in great shape, particularly moisture-wicking, microfiber and spandex fabrics. Plant-derived surfactants preserve stretch and restore clean and vegetable extracts make odors vanish. Essentials oils of Geranium, mint and Palmarosa provide lasting freshness in an HE Compatible formula.