Beautiful Boudoir

With spring cleaning only a few weeks away, Valentine’s Day is a fitting time to evaluate your lingerie collection and get organized. To start, remove everything from your drawer and evaluate each item – it should only go back in the drawer if you feel great wearing it. Use these remaining items you love as a guide for future purchases and to avoid buying multiples of the same garment.

Next, sort everything into piles by type--bras, camisoles, stockings--then sort each pile into function--fancy, daily, workout. Add Interlocking drawer organizers or Fabric-lined baskets or boxes to keep your items visible and protected.

When storing lacy delicates, always close hooks and tie ribbons. Line bras up facing one direction to preserve the shape of each. Undergarments and camisoles should be folded or rolled in their dividers for fast finding.

Arrange undergarments in the drawer with frequently used items being the most accessible and group similar colors together for easy selection. We recommend organizing all daily wear items in one drawer and fancy garments in another to keep matching sets together.