It's Spring!

Spring Checklist

As the weather turns warmer and brighter we feel the urge to do a healthy spring clean--a sometimes daunting task. To make things easier we've spread the chores over seven days so you can focus on one job at a time. Gather your supplies and refer to our checklist to get it all done. Before you know it your home will be as refreshed as spring itself.

Day 1 - Windows

Throw open the windows to bring in the fresh air. Use a rag to wipe out the sills and a clean cloth to dry them. Finish by polishing window hardware.

Clean your window panes inside and out with glass cleaner or dish soap in a spray bottle filled with water. Make work easier with a squeegee. Dry with newspaper to keep the glass streak free, but pick a cloudy day so you can be the judge of that.

Day 2 - Walls

Dust your home from top to bottom. Start by dusting ceiling fixtures and crown molding then thoroughly vacuum under the cushions of all the furniture. Check and clean the air vents, too. Walls and corners collect a lot of dust throughout the months. If your walls are painted dilute a small amount of All-Purpose Cleaner in water and wipe down with a rag.

Day 3 - Floors

Clean floors with All-Purpose Cleaner diluted to 1/4 cup cleaner, one gallon water. Wipe down the baseboards. Launder your area rugs and shampoo your carpets. Rent a steam cleaner from a local hardware store to get a deep clean.

Day 4 - Kitchen

Clean out the refrigerator and wipe shelves with hot soapy water. Toss any expired food and check the pantry for the same. Take unopened packaged foods to local food shelves. Dust off condenser coils with your brush attachment and gently vacuum it.

Deep clean your stove with a paste of baking soda left on overnight. Remove using a plastic scraper, then wipe down with a damp cloth. Wipe down the hood with an All-Purpose Cleaner solution and dig out the owner’s manual for instructions to clean the exhaust filter.

Day 5 - Bedroom

Refresh your beds by dusting mattresses with baking soda which will gradually draw dirt and moisture and eliminate odor. Leave the windows open while the beds are bare to air them out. Hang your blankets outside. Vacuum the mattress and box spring completely. Wash pillows and down comforters. Plump them in the dryer with a tennis ball. Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to fresh linens.

Day 6 - Bathroom

Purge your bathroom storage of expired medications, sunscreens and cosmetics. Replace or launder shower curtains. Go through your closets; toss anything that’s stained or tattered and give away anything you haven’t worn all season. Store winter clothing to make room for spring and summer goods. Donate usable and household products to charity thrift stores, sell them online or swap with friends.

Day 7 – Final Touches

Be safe and test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Check your fire extinguishers. Replace the furnace filter if you haven’t done so within the past three months.

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Sea Salt Neroli All Purpose Cleaner, window hardware, plastic scrapersSferra sheets, steele hamper,baking soda, pink gloves,vacuum,mop