Warm Weather Ahead: Clear the Decks for Summer

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Clean the Deck & Outdoor Furniture

Sweep away dirt and leaves with a broom, then spray the deck down with a hose or power washer. Fill a bucket with water and add All-Purpose Cleaner, then use a brush to spot-treat the deck. Wipe down plastic, wicker, wrought iron, aluminum, wood furniture and vinyl cushions with solution, then rinse clean.

Get the Grill Ready

Remove any food with a grill brush. Combine a 3:1 mixture of Powdered Scrub and All-Purpose Cleaner in a bucket. Use a clean, retired paintbrush to coat the grill grate. Let set for 15 minutes. Rinse clean with a hose or power sprayer.

Wash Light Fixtures, Windows & Screens

Wash window and door screens with warm water, All-Purpose Cleaner and an outdoor brush. Don't forget to give the frames a scrub down as well. Rinse thoroughly with the garden hose and air dry. For weekly upkeep, use a hand-held vacuum or a soft brush to keep screens looking clean. Porch light-fixtures should be removed and emptied of insects, then rinsed in a bucket of warm water and All-Purpose Cleaner.

Add Outdoor Style

Freshen up the patio with waterproof doormats, area rugs and lush potted plants. Create an outdoor living space with plenty of seating and over-sized benches; add bright pillows for a punch of color. String lights to keep nighttime entertaining going after dusk. Summer centerpieces should be low and hardy--chartreuse spider mums or checkered moss make easy additions to any table.

As pictured above: Bodum FYRKAT Pinic Grill in Lime Green