Fall Cleaning Checklist

With the change of season your home needs to be prepared for the cooler weather. Time to put away the beach towels, pull out the cozy throw blankets and spruce up the place a bit.

To be most efficient, always clean your home from top to bottom. Begin with light fixtures and ceiling fans. End by wiping down baseboards.

Turn over your mattresses and launder bedding for the cooler nights.

Deep clean carpets and area rugs to make the home cozy.

Clean out your closets and switch over to sweater weather.

Organize your kitchen to make it easier when holiday entertaining comes around. Deep clean the appliances, including the coffee maker and microwave.

Replace your furnace filter & have your furnace inspected.

If you have a fireplace, get your chimney inspected and order firewood for the winter.

If you live in a climate where you’ll be spending more time inside you’ll want clean windows inside and out. Vacuum window treatments and dust blinds. Wipe down windowsills with a damp cloth. When cleaning windowpanes remember newspaper keeps the glass from streaking.

Organize the entryway, put away the summer toys and gather the warmer items like hats and boots.

Prepare the outdoors for winter – clear the gutters and put away or cover the patio furniture. Drain & store the garden hose.

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