Bright Merry Welcome

Juniper is a conifer that grows all over the world in a variety of species. Its uses range from bonsai trees to herbal remedies to culinary spices–especially in Nordic dishes–and is most well known as the primary flavor of gin. Gin actually gets its name from the Dutch word for Juniper–genever. The most common Juniper has small blue berries and spindly needles that make it a more special element to decorate with. In honor of our holiday fragrance, Juniper Laurel Mint, we scoured the web to bring you some of our favorite Juniper decorations. See the images for eight different ways to use this unique evergreen and even the most perfect ribbon to wrap it all up with.

Wreath Inspiration

1. Handmade wreath from Norway

2. Terrain teaches us that sometimes minimal is more

3. Williams-Sonoma Juniper Wreath - beautiful!

4. Sugar pine cones topped with a cluster of preserved juniper - so special

5. Anthropologie had the perfect ribbon to compliment our Juniper Laurel Mint packaging this year. We’re stocking up!

6. Lands End makes a beautiful wreath offering every year - this includes berried Oregon Juniper

7. Found on Etsy, the Keepers House has many lovely combinations.

8. Do not care for a full circle wreath? This Williams-Sonoma door basket is a charming option.

9. While we wish this were for sale it is a reminder to consider the color of your front door when choosing a wreath. The blue berries look amazing against this dark slate paint color.