Spring styling tips by House of Earnest

We’re so excited to have one of our favorite bloggers, Erin Souder, guest blog for us today.  Erin  is the founder and editor-in-chief of House of Earnest, a blog we love to follow for the latest in home décor, DIY and entertaining. Here she shows us her favorite way to integrate Caldrea into your home styling this spring.


As soon as fresh spring breezes and warmer temps start to become the norm, I get the itch to revamp some of the styling in my home to reflect the bright colors that are transforming outdoors. Using brightly colored candles, soaps, books, textiles, and flowers, styling a few key areas of our homes is such an easy seasonal switch. 

Bedside Table - I recommend taking account of everything that you really want to have on the bedside, use these products into your styling so that the space works well for you! I always have a few books that I’m reading, some flowers, a catch-all for jewelry, and a sweet scent. Rosewater driftwood is my favorite for the bedroom and the subtle grey geometric design works well with lots of decor. Stack everything up nicely on the books while leaving taller items (like the vase) off the books to create height dimension. A beautiful little piece of art that makes you happy works perfectly on the bedside table since you’ll see it each morning and night. 

Sink Surround - I always style the area surrounding my sink. I just don’t want doing dishes to be any more boring that it already is, so beautiful little bottles and blooms make a big impact. Mix and match soap scents that work well together - I use Mandarine Vetiver and Ginger Pomelo since they’re both citrusy and light. The yellow and orange colors work perfectly with a pretty striped towel that I love, so the whole look works. Add a candle for a little more style and to keep the sink area smelling nice and fresh. 

Bookshelves - Taking up space in a bookshelf is one of the top things people struggle with when it comes to styling, but with this trick, it’s so simple. Stack a few books on their sides, top with three objects; one natural - like a vase of flowers or some greens from the yard, one metallic object or art piece, and one candle. Make sure each of these three things is slightly different in shape and height. The pattern on the candle not only brings more interest and dimension to the area, but it keeps the flames high out of reach. My living room is all in neutrals and navy, so the Blue Coriander is a natural decor choice! 

Regardless of what area you’re wanting to restyle, use these tips to ensure your creation is balance, bright, and beautiful!