Bundling up in your favorite sweater is the essence of feeling like fall. From a warm wool pullover to your most cherished cashmere knit, these delicate wardrobe essentials deserve some extra tender love and care. Avoid laundering mishaps by hand washing your favorite fall pieces with these three simple rules:

Rule One: Keep it Cool

Despite keeping you warm, cashmeres and wools won’t survive if washed in too warm of water. Direct heat leads to shrinking, so when washing by hand be sure to only soak delicate sweaters in tepid temperatures.

Rule Two: Squeeze, Don’t Stretch

Wool is wonderfully elastic, but can become easily misshapen if handled carelessly. To avoid stretching your sweaters, ball up the garment and gently squeeze the water out without wringing the fabric too tightly.

Rule Three: Dry Flat

After squeezing out water, lay your sweater on a towel on a flat surface and gently roll the towel and sweater together to remove moisture. Squeeze gently as you work, eventually leaving the sweater to dry completely. Later, slowly coax the sweater back into its shape, and voilà! Your favorite fall sweater is washed and wearable all over again.