Hot and cold. Sun and moon. Fire and water. Our world is full of complementary, contrary forces. Elements that are opposing and yet somehow still harmonious, balanced and inherently natural. This theme - the beauty of dualities - is an inspiring force in almost every Caldrea scent, including Fragrance No. 15: Ginger Pomelo.

On one hand, Ginger Pomelo features the crisp, citrusy notes of grapefruit and yuzu. Light and fresh. Sweet and citrus. 

On the other, the spicy heat of ginger. Energizing and invigorating. Tangy and sharp.

Like yin and yang, Ginger Pomelo blends the refreshing notes of citrus with the warmth of spicy ginger. Add in a sprig of fresh, cool basil and you are marrying three seemingly opposing fragrances, flavors, feelings. And yet...they masterfully mingle together in an uplifting, effervescent scent that is completely complementary, beautifully balanced.

Suitable for any season, ideal for every occasion, discover the beauty of dualities in our Fragrance No. 15, Ginger Pomelo. 

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