welcome to the Lavender Pine garden 

Unearth a fresh, forever elegance. Enchant your eyes with the timeless beauty of the Lavender Pine Garden.
An elegant yet earthy sanctuary, perfect for quiet moments and calm minds.


Turn camping into glamping in the wilds of montana

By: Kim-Marie Evans

Those looking to escape the chaos of modern life will find respite in stands of Ponderosa Pines and expansive views of the wild plains. 

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By: Lauren Saylor

Take inspiration from the Lavender Pine fragrance and let the soothing scents of the forest shake things up when you entertain guests.

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4 ways to welcome a calm & cozy winter

By: Stella Blackmon

Now that the winter season has fallen upon us, we've kicked our hearts and souls into high nesting gear. Because lavender offers many calming qualities from treating restlessness and anxiety to promoting tension relief, it's the perfect scent to offer a relaxing center stage. 

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Lavender and pine have kept homes pristine not for mere centuries but actual millennia. These ageless wonders bring healthy, hard working and clean into the deepest corners of our psyches as well as our rooms. Today, cedarwood, eucalyptus and orange add elegance to the efficacy.