welcome to the
Mandarin Vetiver Garden

Discover crisp, clean creativity. Awaken your senses with a walk though the Mandarin Vetiver Garden. Bursting with bright details and fresh finds, this garden will indulge any creative appetite.  


brighten your guests' stay with a
mandarin vetiver-inspired gift basket

By: Lauren Saylor

Prepare your space for guests with these special touches inspired by the crisp fragrance of Mandarin Vetiver.

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No-Cook citrus recipes to brighten winter  

By: Mandy Kellogg Rye

Add a splash of vim and vigor to your day with these handpicked citrus recipes fresh from the groves of Caldrea.

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Mandarin Morning: 4 steps to a beautiful brunch

By: Stella Blackmon

Awaken your senses with a brunch that's brimming with the herbaceous notes of Mandarin Vetiver. 

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This is sunshine, sharply sectioned and freshly squeezed. The invigoration of citrus finds its zest, with vetiver green. Find fresh purpose & clearest intentions.