By: Stella Blackmon, Clementine Daily

As frosty forecasts approach, it’s natural to want to savor any remaining opportunity
to be outside. Why not swap sunlight for moonlight and invite close friends over for
a starry al fresco nightcap? 

Laze about on the backyard patio furniture one last time. Laugh about summer travel follies and other tales from the waning season. Forget work and deadlines for a moment, and bask in the moonlight and stars. Add twinkling lights to supplement the backdrop, and be sure to lie out a selection of sweaters and blankets for extra layering.

This Black Coriander Lime cocktail should provide just the right amount of summer-inspired refreshment to soak in these last temperate evenings. 

Cilantro Gin Rickey:

INGREDIENTS (Makes Two 4 oz Cocktails)

·    12-15 cilantro leaves

·    4 oz gin

·    2 oz simple syrup

·    1 oz lime juice

·    1 oz club soda

1.   Place cilantro leaves in the bottom of cocktail shaker. Add simple syrup and muddle.

2.   Add gin and lime juice. Shake with ice.

3.   Strain into two chilled cocktail glasses and top with club soda. Garnish with lime peel.

Here’s to the departing autumn breeze and the lasting moments we can create! Cheers!