Cuba: A Journey Back in Time

By: Kim-Marie Evans, Luxury Travel Mom

Let the soulful sounds of salsa music in the streets and the scent of Caldrea’s Basil Blue Sage take you on a journey to enchanting Cuba. This island nation still looks much as it did 50 years ago. Your grandparents’ vintage cars still cruise the Malecón next to the churning blue waters of the Atlantic, and music drifts through the brightly painted alleys.

Hitch a ride in a bright blue soft-top convertible for the short trip to a small fishing village just outside of Havana. Sun-washed building facades in blue and sage green line the streets. Cuba has captured the imagination of travelers since before the revolution. It was here that a well-known literary figure, known as Papa to most, made his home. He drew inspiration for his infamous tome about a fisherman from a tiny fishing village where wooden boats still depart daily, hoping to hook the evening’s supper.

As famous as Ernest was for his writing talent, he was also a familiar face at the bars in Havana. In fact, Cuba lays claim to having created three of the most famous cocktails of all time: the dacquiri, mojito and Cuba Libre. The combination of fresh sugar and mint combined with homemade rum make for a mojito the likes of which cannot be tasted anywhere else on earth.

However, there is more to Cuba than classic cars and cocktails. There are a host of new paladares (Cuban for “private restaurants”) that are serving up world-class fare. They aren’t always easy to find, often there is no sign – just a doorway off a dilapidated side street.

Being a tourist in Cuba gets easier every day. Work with a travel planner who has experience in Cuba and they can book any hotel and restaurant you choose. You still need to be certified to travel however. In the meantime, let Caldrea’s Basil Blue Sage fragrance transport you to the alluring blue waters of Cuba.