Pear Ginger Cake Toppers to Top Any Party

By: Lauren Saylor, A Fabulous Fete

Adding a touch of DIY to parties is great for a few reasons. It provides a small break from prep and gives guests something fun to do that the can personalize to their tastes. 

Decorate a cake with pears, pomegranate seeds and candied ginger. Keep the cake flavor subtle and let the toppings be the star. Then, create a toppings bar, so guests can add as many fun and delicious elements to their slice (or slices!) of cake as they'd like.

Add a greeting to a whole pear, or slice the pear for a topping guests can eat.

Serve each slice with dry champagne that can also be garnished with toppings.

Be sure to encourage guests to play around with toppings to discover what they like best. With this setup, you can be confident that they’ll have everything they need for a delicious combination. It’s not only fun, but also provides an excuse to eat more cake!