Dreaming of Dubai

By: Kim-Marie Evans, Luxury Travel Mom

The mystical Middle East is calling and it’s using Caldrea’s Ginger Pomelo fragrance as its muse. The land of windswept deserts and pack camels has long cast an enchanting spell on travelers. Visiting these ancient lands can seem intimidating, but a journey to Dubai, a decidedly modern city with an authentic Bedouin past, is just the excursion to make your Arabian dreams come true.

Top 5 Authentic things to do in Dubai:

1. Mount a camel for an unforgettable desert trek. These majestic creatures are easier to ride than you might expect. Their gait is slow and steady and the rocking rhythm will almost lull you to sleep.

2. Shop for gold in the souk. Souk means “market” and though the stalls aren’t ancient, the gold trade is. The government in Dubai closely controls the quality of the product, and the spot prices are displayed outside of every shop so you can be sure that what you are buying is authentic. Haggling is expected and, as in many things, cash is king.

3. Head to the old town and take a ride down the creek (Al Khor) in a wooden abra. Watch the coral and gypsum houses drift by on one side and the golden minarets on the other. There is perhaps no other snapshot that so clearly depicts the ancient Dubai with the glittery new city.

4. Enjoy a day at the beach! Though there’s plenty to explore in the heart of the city, Dubai is truly a multifaceted vacation spot. While in shops or restaurants, it’s polite to keep your shoulders covered and skirts modest, but on the stunning beaches almost anything goes.

5. Spend a night under a canopy of stars in the open desert. Like the Bedouins of the past, visitors can experience the ultimate campout. Most outings include traditional Arabic coffee as wake-up call. The only thing you need to pack is your camera for the stunning red and gold sunsets.