A Fragrant Fete

By: Lauren Saylor, A Fabulous Fete

Typically, when searching for inspiration for dinner parties, it  would be safe to say most entertainers go straight to the current season to start their search. If you host a lot of gatherings, you might be looking for a new way to seek out ideas. Look no further than the Caldrea fragrances you already have sitting on your counters and dressers at home. Taking inspiration can range from physical items that remind you of notes in a fragrance, to filling your home with a scent that you just can't get enough of. Here are just a few steps to follow for setting your next table by taking bits of inspiration from the Caldrea Ginger Pomelo fragrance.

Start by recognizing your favorites notes in the fragrance, consider grapefruit, rose and basil. Gather items that tie in with those notes and materials that go with your color scheme. Copper, wood tones and shades of pink were added to pull this look together.

Begin setting your table with the main focus; the centerpiece. Use whole grapefruits as a vase filler and add a selection of your favorite roses. Rather than confusing the senses at the table with candles, cut open that same fresh fruit for a refreshing dose of citrus and lay them out just as you would the standard candle.

Simple white place settings let muted pink tones and bunches of fresh basil shine. Use ribbon or fabric to mark each guest’s name and tie up the basil. Finish the settings off with an ice-cold glass of infused water. Either let your fresh herbs and rose petals sit in the water overnight, or just add as garnish.

For a finishing whimsical touch, toss some twinkle lights down the center of the table like you would a runner.

Fresh cut herbs, flowers and fruit create a delightful aroma in the dining room. One inspired by your favorite notes in fragrances you use daily in your home. Which fragrance would you choose to inspire your next party?