4 Ways To Welcome a Calm & Cozy Winter

By: Stella BlackmonClementine Daily

Now that the winter season has fallen upon us, we've kicked our hearts and souls into high nesting gear. As the snow falls lightly outside, we've created a calm and cozy winter haven in our bedrooms - the perfect space to indulge in a heartwarming memoir, catch an afternoon nap or simply relax into a few moments of peace and quiet. Because lavender offers many calming qualities from treating restlessness and anxiety to promoting tension relief, it's the perfect scent to offer a relaxing center stage. 


Inspired by Caldrea's famous, original Lavender Pine scent, we've been making a few practical changes to invite serenity into our bedrooms. 

1. Infuse the magic of winter - without the messy slush - by spotlighting your favorite natural forest icons. A bedside display of bundled twigs (spritzed with Lavender Pine room spray), potted evergreen or even a favorite seasonal book highlighting the two is sure to create a warm and festive environment. 

Lavender Pine is a beautifully metaphorical scent; the wintery pine promises to give way to a springtime lavender. 

2. Experiment with bedside treats by visiting your local neighborhood patisserie for hand-picked lavender truffles. Let the subtle notes and undertones of Lavender Pine inspire more combinations, like blood orange and herbs or cedarwood rose. Allow your senses - taste, smell and soul - to unwind as you slowly discover decadent flavors to enjoy.

Pairing woodsy pine and floral lavender ensure a surprising masculine and feminine blend in the bedroom - an instant hit to guarantee relaxation for all. 

3. Make your bathroom a sanctuary for the coldest of days. Leave some lavender essential oils or bath salts alongside your tub for when you decide to draw a bath. Take it a step further with an intoxicating blend of eucalyptus and lavender. 

4. Spruce up with quality linens and fur throws to guarantee a cozy retreat from the whistling wind and snow-covered pine trees outside the window. For a softer take on freshly laundered bedding, slip in a few Lavender Pine dryer sheets into your next cycle. Light a few candles next to a carafe of fresh spring water and let your soft, plush linens drift you into the ultimate state of relaxation.