A Succulent Centerpiece

By: Lauren SaylorA Fabulous Fete

Setting the table doesn't always have to mean pulling out the same china and tablecloths that have been in rotation for years. Find inspiration from around the house and out in nature to create a simple DIY centerpiece that wows your guests.

Start with your inspiration. Whether a season, a great piece of fabric you found while traveling, or a fragrance—think about what textures, scents, colors, and flavors your inspirational piece evokes. For this living tabletop, the fragrance of Pear Blossom Agave  sparked an idea for a succulent centerpiece with touches of melon and blossom notes to finish the table off.

To make the centerpiece, you will need several glass cylinders in varying heights, succulents from your local hardware store or nursery, and a vase-filler like pebbles.

Fill the vase up about halfway with your filler and add your succulent on top. To avoid dirt breaking apart, gently squeeze to compact the dirt and roots.

Begin to gently place stones on each side of the dirt that surrounds the root of the succulent. Continue to gently surround the dirt until the rocks meet the top of the glass. 

Top your table with organic materials in lush neutrals. Cottons and linens, arranged  slightly askew and gently rumpled, are a perfect choice. Start with your largest succulent at the center and place the smaller pieces around that.

Add in additional fresh elements that tie in with the notes of the fragrance to fill in negative space. Create a lush table exploding with fruit and blossom aromas by using pears and branches with blooming flowers. Finish with simple and elegant candles.

Don't forget to include interesting presentation of your sips and snacks. Add edible blossoms to the cocktails and water and use natural fruit bowls for salads. Fruit bowls are a simple and exciting touch to the table. Simply scoop out the fruit and add your favorite salad. Top the salad with the fruit or save and serve for dessert.

With notes of blossoms, citrus and succulent melon there are many different ways to incorporate natural items into your dinner table. How will you be inspired by the Pear Blossom Agave fragrance to entertain this season?