An Elegant Arrangement to Awe and Inspire

By: Mandy Kellogg Rye, Waiting On Martha
Photography by: Rustic White

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Add a personal touch to holiday entertaining with this Plum Bergamot Clove-inspired,
DIY floral centerpiece. Rich hues of plum mixed with crisp winter whites capture
the feeling of warmth and glamour that this time of year offers.


Begin by placing a large head of kale in the middle of the vase.
When you purchase floral Kale at a flower shop it comes on a very large thick stem,
so simply cut the stem and place in the center of the vase. Once you’ve placed the kale, work your way out, mixing deep plum ranunculus, calla lilies, white and black anemones,
and a row of drooping parrot tulips to line the outer edge of the vessel.
As other flowers are added they will help keep the kale centered.

Use sprigs of silver brunia to fill in the inevitable holes, which give it a true feeling of winter. Finally, add a few stems of white veronica for added height.  


WOM Blogs_Rustic White006 (2).jpg

It’s natural to want to keep all the floral elements at the same level.
However, adding different layers creates a more organic and free
flowing feel that just happens to be completely on trend.


The arrangement also has an unexpected twist, opting out of a traditional vase and
using a pewter pitcher instead. After all, a vase is really anything that holds water, right?
In the end, the arrangement feels very luxurious and very now.
It’s definitely inspired by the season, but it can also also transcend winter months.