Drifting Down South

By: Kim-Marie Evans, Luxury Travel Mom

The scent of roses and driftwood will draw your imagination down South, to a world where everyone is called ma’am and manners are always in fashion. There is no other city that drips with the charm and history of Charleston, South Carolina. Named the #1 City in the World several years in a row, there are plenty of reasons to visit the lowcountry.
The Five Best Things to Do in Charleston and Kiawah Island
Tour the Historic Homes

Charleston bears the nickname “The Holy City” thanks to the building regulation that doesn’t allow for buildings to extend higher than the local church steeples. Though the Civil War started in Charleston, the city has relatively few scars and much of the historic architecture has remained intact. Take horse-drawn carriage through the cobblestone streets for the best views and a great history lesson. Tickets are sold near Market Street and rides take about thirty minutes.

Enjoy the World Class Cuisine
Contrary to popular belief, the south is not all fried foods and bacon. Charleston is the epicenter of an uber hot food scene. Boasting fine dining quality chefs and more than a few spots on the Top 100 list of restaurants in the US, foodies will fall in love in The Holy City. Of course a trip below the Mason-Dixon wouldn’t be complete without an authentic beachside oyster roast with pulled pork, sweet tea and pecan pie.
Take a Long Bike Ride Along the Beach

Kiawah Island is just 30 miles from downtown Charleston but a world away. This barrier island features a 10-mile long beach of hard-packed sand that makes for a magical bike ride through the gentle surf. Bikes are easy to rent and the ride is almost effortless. Make sure your two-wheeler has a basket for stowing treasures found in the sand.

Get Back to Nature

Because Kiawah Island is a wildlife preserve a nature walk can turn up anything from a sand dollar to an alligator. Don’t let a little toothy grin worry you, American alligators are actually shy and won’t bother you unless you bother them first. An early morning walk on the beach might reveal an erupting nest of baby turtles. Loggerheads famously waddle to the dunes in the moonlight to lay their eggs and the lucky passerby who are there when the hatchlings scurry to the ocean will have the memory of a lifetime.

Hit the Surf

Kiawah Island enjoys some of the best conditions for beginning surfers and avid boogie boarders. The surf is low and rolling and the water is shallow for many yards out. A day paddleboarding or kayaking on the Kiawah River almost guarantees a dolphin sighting. For those who are feeling less adventurous, there are numerous boat tours that promise dolphin spotting without fear of getting your camera wet.