Planning a “Mommy and Me” Getaway

By: Kim-Marie Evans, Luxury Travel Mom

Let the delicate floral scent of Caldrea’s Sweet Pea soaps inspire a seaside journey for you and your little one. The “mommy and me” vacation is all about enjoying precious moments together in the sand and sun. Escape from the daily routine to a peaceful getaway that refreshes both mother and child.

Here are a few helpful hints for choosing a special spot to vacation with wee ones.

1. Choose a destination that encourages time together.

The “mommy and me” trip is about together time, but a soothing afternoon at the spa for mom is also encouraged. Many hotels, resorts or inns offer “Kids Clubs” with all-day activities, but these give you less time to bond with your loved one away from home. Instead, look for a resort that offers babysitting for just an afternoon. A certain spa in Mauritius let my son quietly play in the spa pool while I enjoyed a relaxing pedicure. Look for a hotel caters to mom first, trust me; they will cater to baby as well. I have had bottles made by room service and search parties launched for missing stuffed animals.

2. Find activities you will both enjoy.

There are many ways to unwind with your child in tow—you only need to ask or get creative! Many hotels offer cooking classes with renowned chefs that welcome children. Outings to look for sea turtles or beachcombing for conch shells allow for quiet time together and can result in beautiful, natural souvenirs to take home and cherish.

Playing or relaxing by the pool or sea is always an option. The best way to really relax poolside with a baby is with a well-equipped cabana. An air-conditioned cabana with a crib lets your baby comfortably nap while you lounge. Luxury resorts will make every effort to accommodate you.

3. Don’t go too exotic.

The challenge of traveling with little ones is finding a tropical destination with safe drinking water and on-site pediatric or medical care. I recommend Hawaii, Turks and Caicos, or staying closer to home and heading to Florida. Look for hotels with doctors on the property—I have had many house calls for ear infections and little “boo boos” that didn’t disrupt the vacation.

The key to a successful mommy and me trip is lots of research. Let Caldrea’s Sweet Pea fragrance help you escape while planning, but once there let go of trying to do it all. Revel in this once in a lifetime moment of being alone with your sweet pea. It should be all relaxation and joy. They will never be this age again.  This getaway will be a memory you both will have forever, perhaps fondly remembered by a conch shell or sand dollar on a bedside table. Don’t worry about making it perfect—it already is because it’s just the two of you on a grand adventure!