hosting a whimsical tasting par-tea

By: Lauren SaylorA Fabulous Fete

Young or old, tea parties are an activity friends and family of all ages can appreciate. From the complex flavor of teas to the whimsical décor, there is something for everyone. Pulling together the perfect table for a tea tasting can be as simple as boiling the water for your favorite pot. Let the playful and gentle notes of Caldrea’s Sweet Pea inspire you to host your very own tea party at home.

Start with the basics. Bright blooms and mismatched china set the scene for a cozy afternoon for your loved ones. Tulips make a lovely centerpiece and are easy to arrange by placing in a spherical vase. Also consider using blooming roses or jasmine vines, all found in the Sweet Pea fragrance. Different types of china can easily be bought at local thrift and vintage shops. Try and keep the color palette similar to make your set feel a bit more cohesive.    

Incorporate the fruity scents found in Caldrea’s Sweet Pea, like apples and mandarin oranges, by slicing up the fruits for guests to snack on. In addition to these, bread or crackers make delicious palate cleansers, so be sure to include these to use between tastings. Display all of your snacks on simple stands to take them from basic to decorative.     

Flowers don’t always need to be tucked in a vase. Trim roses so they can lie flat and be scattered on the table, and sprinkle petals to add fragrance all around—not just at the center of the table. Fragrant strands of jasmine will also work beautifully out of water for your party. 

Fun tea quotes can be placed around the table as conversation starters and party favors. Write them out in colors found in your china to keep the color story on the table flowing. Don’t forget to make cards with the notes found in each tea. Try numbering your teapots to correspond and see which are the favorites among your guests before telling them the flavors.  

Now let the party begin! Teas can be numbered in order from sweetest to strongest or at random for tasting. Take a cue from Caldrea’s Sweet Pea fragrance to choose the tea flavors for your table. Chamomile, rose, peach, and jasmine are just a few to get you started. Buy them loose or in bags, but be sure to hide those labels so the flavors stay a surprise! Loose tea is also a gorgeous addition to your table if you have extra space, and it lets your guests smell the different teas before tasting.

Whatever you decide to use on your table, keep it colorful, imaginative, and full of thoughtful details for your guests. Which notes in Caldrea’s Sweet Pea scent will inspire your tea tasting party?