Five Reasons to Visit the Maldives

By: Kim-Marie Evans, Luxury Travel Mom

No other island destination captures our imaginations quite like the Maldives. This group of over 1,200 remote coral islands offers unrivaled luxury. Though only reachable by boat or plane, still a million visitors each year arrive for the endless stretches of white sand beaches in what feels like the middle of nowhere. There is only one resort per island and many islands are nothing more than banks of sand that appear and then slip away with the ocean’s tide. The fragrance of Sea Salt Neroli can transport you to these tranquil waters where days are spent languidly relaxing on the shores.


1. Unplug from everything and everyone

Let go of the stresses of the modern world in this tranquil paradise. The closest thing to a commute is the trip from one end of the island to the other by paddleboard. Making dinner is little more than a decision of whether to dine toes in the sand or snuggled in a chaise lounge on your private patio. Sadly, most resorts offer state-of-the-art Wi-Fi, but no one at work needs to know that.

2. Snorkel with exotic sea life just steps from your beach mat

Many islands have what are called “house reefs,” these are coral reefs just yards from the shoreline. No need to take a boat to explore stunning tropical sea life, you can simply slip into the ocean from your beach mat. The snorkeling and diving in the Maldives is truly second to almost none, get up close and personal with a 100-year-old sea turtle or a school of brilliantly colored fish.

3. Sleep perched over the Indian Ocean

The iconic images of thatched bungalows floating above the crystal blue waters have sparked more than a few getaway fantasies. Not only can you swim off your private deck, but you can slumber there as well. Not only do the stars shine more brightly here (thanks to lack of city lights), but even the water sparkles in the bioluminescent bays of some of the islands.

4. Enjoy a sandbank picnic straight out of a romance novel

Of the 1,200 islands in this archipelago, only a few hundred are inhabited. Many resorts will pitch everything from a sun umbrella to a fantastical tent with furniture, staff, bottles of Champagne and a lobster lunch.

5. The promise of sunshine and swaying palm trees

The Maldives straddle the Equator and getting a golden tan is a guarantee you can put in the bank. Temperatures remain between 75 and 90 degrees throughout the year. April tends to be the hottest month and, if you want to avoid the chance of rain, visit between December and April.

If these five reasons aren’t enough, some predictions have the country underwater by the end of the century. Book your ticket now to this tropical oasis.