Brighten your Guests’ Stay with a Mandarin Vetiver-Inspired Gift Basket

By: Lauren SaylorA Fabulous Fete

You’re bound to have an overnight guest here and there, especially if your home is where friends and family tend to gravitate for holidays and gatherings. Preparing your space with special touches for guests is a thoughtful gesture that will keep them feeling comfortable. Create a lovely welcome basket inspired by Caldrea’s Mandarin Vetiver fragrance. 

Fresh citrus such as grapefruit, orange and lemon offers a necessary morning boost, while earthy notes of thyme and vetiver remind guests of smells that linger in the kitchen while preparing a home-cooked meal. To prepare, think about what makes you feel welcome and invigorated to explore a new place, what you may forget to pack, and what provides a little indulgence at the end of the day. 

Start with a welcome note to let guests know all of the goodies you have prepared are for them to enjoy. Pack each piece in a reusable basket that they can utilize for corralling clothes or other items during their stay. A basket inspired by the natural green tones of vetiver creates a bright but neutral backdrop for any welcome basket you may prepare that you can stash away for your next guest.

Choose a few of the most sumptuous citrus notes from Mandarin Vetiver for the base of the basket. Start with fresh oranges (or citrus of your choice) that give off a lovely aroma, add a burst of color and provided a quick snack.

Tuck Mandarin Vetiver Linen and Room Spray in for guests to spray as they please and create a fresh atmosphere of their own. Include a bottle of filtered water to eliminate any midnight wandering to the kitchen. Add a simple notebook to weekend activities or simply jot down inspiration. We all know being in a new space is the best time to get inspired! Finally, a deck of cards completes the basket for when your guests have a bit of down time.

Throw in a few earthy chocolates in the case of a late night sweet tooth. Mandarin Vetiver Hand Balm and simple toiletries can top off the basket. A blooming plant freshens up the room. Choose one with blossoms that circle back to the notes of tangerine blossoms or neroli found in Mandarin Vetiver. 

Drawing inspiration from the Mandarin Vetiver fragrance keeps the basket cohesive, whether it’s citrus and blossom scents, or the natural colors of citrus fruit, herbs and vetiver. The result is a thoughtful and charming collection of pieces for a bedside table. What items are a must for you to have around for house guests?