welcome to the
Sea Salt Neroli Garden

A spectacular, sparkling paradise. Transport yourself seaside in our Sea Salt Neroli Garden. A vacation for senses and spirits, your mind will be illuminated with warm musings and shining memories.

A Bright & Airy Summer Soirée

By: Lauren Saylor

Set the table for your next summer soirée with the notes of Sea
Salt Neroli. See how lemon, rose, and sandalwood inspire
A Fabulous Fete's summer entertaining.

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Five Reasons to Visit the Maldives

By: Kim-Marie Evans

Let the notes of Sea Salt Neroli transport you to the tranquil
waters of the Maldvies where days are spent languidly relaxing.

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A Poolside Picnic

By: Stella Blackmon

Take your next sun-drenched gathering to the poolside. This relaxed,
yet thoughtful summer fête will provide the right amount of escape
from the scorching heat and celebration of the sunny season.

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The Soothing Power of the Sea

By: Mandy Kellogg Rye

Waiting On Martha shares how to decorate with the spoils of the shore, from textured
shells to turquoise sea glass bottles. Go ahead—answer the waves’ beckoning call
and invite the beach into the comforts of your own home. 

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Boards washed white by the sun. This seashore of a scent sends citrus
and juniper aloft on breezes of minerals, florals and the clean
musk of summer dances.